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Completed Films


Directors:  Lucia Mauro

Screenwriter:  Lucia Mauro

Genre:  Drama - Short


A short film that centers on the accidental pilgrimage of a Chicago man, named Danny, whose younger brother, a Marine, was killed in Iraq. Danny dons his brother's ill-fitting combat boots and travels to Rome, Italy, where he processes his grief, honors his brother's memory, and better understands his own capacity for sacrifice. In My Brother's Shoes was awarded Best Short Film at the 2015 Mirabile Dictu International Catholic Film Festival at the Vatican in Rome, Italy, and was featured in the 2015 Cannes International Film Festival's Short Film Corner.


Directors:  Lucia Mauro

Screenwriter:  Lucia Mauro

Genre:  Feature, Drama  


The story of an American woman who takes a cathartic trip to the Italian Alps one year after completing cancer treatment. Liz, a dedicated college professor, struggles with her post-cancer life and changing priorities. Despite her husband’s well-meaning over-protectiveness, she takes

a trip with their friends – an American couple living in Milan – to Italy. When her friends assume the role of worried caregivers and suffocate her with a jam-packed itinerary, she escapes to the Alps to find her space. Here, Liz is able to reassert her independence. She learns to go forward, and return to her family, with a renewed sense of self -- free of compliance, guilt and obligation. 


Directors:  Lucia Mauro

Screenwriter:  Lucia Mauro

Genre:  Documentary

A sensitive and topical documentary, the film explores the environment and deep spirituality that shaped Mother Cabrini – the Patron Saint of Immigrants and Hospital Administrators -- in honor of the Centenary of her passing. It reintroduces audiences to the first American citizen saint and addresses her relevance today for refugees and immigrants around the world. Mother Cabrini -- despite frail health and a fear of water -- crossed the ocean many times to administer to the poor, the sick and children and established schools, hospitals, and safe havens across Europe and the Americas.  

VocideldiarioScreenshotofPoster copy.jpg
Voci del diario /Entries

Director:  Lucia Mauro

Screenwriter: Lucia Mauro 

Producers: Lucia Mauro & Joe Orlandino

Genre:  Family Drama - Short

A highly textured cinematic poem that explores the life cycle through one man -- and his journal entries -- at different stages: childhood, young adulthood, middle age and senior years. It's a film about memory, family and the legacies we leave. It begins with a little boy receiving a journal/sketchbook from his grandmother for his birthday and ends with his own granddaughter's fascination with journal writing. In between, he experiences joy, love, pain, loss and resilience. To be shown for organizations that advance healing through journal and memoir writing.

Gimme Some Lovin'

Director:  Jeremy Germain

Written by:  Joe Petrolis

Produced by: Joe Orlandino

Producers: Angela Petrolis & Joe Petrolis

Genre:  Family Drama - Short

Gimme Some Lovin is a short narrative film that explores spousal and substance abuse and the power of love and forgiveness.

I Have A Name

Director:  Lucia Mauro

Written by:  Lucia Mauro

Produced by: Joe Orlandino

Producers: Lucia Mauro, Jacqueline Hayes

Genre:  Documentary

FotoFilm Itnl.jpg

I Have a Name puts a respectful face on homelessness through the sensitive, multifaceted work of The Chicago HELP Initiative (CHI) -- founded by Jacqueline C. Hayes -- and its partners, who empower those in need through access to meals, health services, shelter, adult education, job training and the arts.

Rain Beau's End - Road 10-B.jpg
Rain Beau's End

Director:  Tracy Wren

Story by:  Joe Orlandino

Screenplay by: Jennifer Cooney

Produced by: Joe Orlandino

Producers: Lucia Mauro, Jennifer Cooney, Ed Pope, Normann Pokorny, Tracy Wren, Jeffrey Nutting, Rich Botto, Ryan Leshock

Genre:  Feature. Drama


Rain Beau's End is a motherhood story about a lesbian couple and their adopted son in a small city during late 1990s. The nain character, Hannah Driver runs for a mayor while trying to navigate her relationship and creating the perfect family with her partner, Jules Paradise and the bumpy road of her violent and aggressive adopted son, Beau, who has been diagnosed with 47, XYY.

Hayward Poster- 07-23-23.jpg

The Story of a Northwoods Community Making a Difference.

Ovarian Cancer & Symptom Awareness.

Director:  Lucia Mauro

Screenwriter: Lucia Mauro

Produced by: Joe Orlandino, Lucia Mauro, Vallie Szymanski, and In My Brother's Shoes, Inc.

Director of Photography: Vincent Shade


Genre:  Documentary


This is the story of a northwoods community coming together to help in the effort of detecting cancers through the use of dogs and their olfactory senses. 

INVERNO Draft Poster.jpg
Inverno (Winter)

Director:  Lucia Mauro

Screenwriter: Lucia Mauro

Produced by: Joe Orlandino, Lucia Mauro and In My Brother's Shoes, Inc.

Director of Photography: Mathias Rat


Genre:  Short Drama


Lifecycles in a Southern Italian hill town during the off-season. 

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