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Prior to telling stories through film, Chicago-based Lucia Mauro was a long-time theater critic/arts journalist and photographer. She is the writer and director of the 2016 feature film, One Year Later, the story of an American woman who embarks on a cathartic journey in the Italian Alps one year after completing cancer treatment.


Lucia's 2014 short film In My Brother's Shoes starring Danny McCarthy (Boardwalk Empire, Blue Bloods, Elvis and Nixon) as a man who honors his fallen brother, the US Marine, by making a pilgrimage to Rome in her brother's fight, was awarded Best Short Film at the Vatican Film Festival 2015. It was also featured in the Short Films Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2015.


Her co-production of Rain Beau's End marks her second feature film. Lucia is also the screenwriter of the film in development, Anita & Margaret. She continues to tour North America and Europe with her project, the documentary called Frances Xavier Cabrini: The People's Saint, filmed in Italy and Chicago. She has recently completed three documentaries - I Have a Name, The Loneliest Road and Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness: The Story of a Northwoods Community Making a Difference along with with a narrative short film shot in Calabria, Italy entitled Inverno.


All of her shorts, features and documentaries - explore the idea of healing, resilience and human connection.


In 1973 producer Joe Orlandino began transitioning his career as a singer-songwriter to start producing and starring in award-winning pre-MTV music videos. His animated / live music video, Video Child, received awards at the 1981 Chicago International Film Festival and the 1982 Athens International Film Festival.


Joe is the executive producer of all of Lucia Mauro's inspiring films: In My Brother's Shoes, One Year Later, Voci del Diario, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini: The People's Saint, I Have a Name, The Loneliest Road, Winter, Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness : The Story of a Northwoods Community Making a Difference and Anita & Margaret. He produced the web series, Sailors On Boats Drinking Beer, The Travels of William Flugel, and the Italian television pilot, The Cooking American.

The short drama he produced, Gimme Some Lovin has raised thousands for women's shelter. He was co-producer on the animated series The Baritonios and is currently producing the Bruce Springsteen's dramedy Man At The Top.


In 2019 he completed production of his second feature film Rain Beau's End with Ed Asner, Sean Young, Christina Stolte and Melanie Chandra.

He is currently producing two features in Italy, the dramedy Funghi Neri and the drama Scar Tissue.

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